The differences between Fixed Odds Betting and Spread Betting
[ 18-03-2018 ]
The differences between Fixed Odds Betting and Spread Betting

Sport Betting has been around for a long time already. The individuals who watch sports regularly, are normally get used to sport betting as well, regardless of whether they don't follow it. Sport Betting is a standout amongst the most types of betting. There are diverse types of it, fixed odds betting and spread betting being the two most well-known ones. In this article, Malaysia Sportsbook will take in more about these two common types of sport betting and how they are not the same as each other.

Below are the two most common types of betting that you can see in Malaysia Sportsbook, let’s explain in detail.

Fixed odds betting, as the name of it, which is placing bets on fixed odds. That implies, there are just two possible outcomes, either win or lose, and bettors should make bets on either choice. On the off chance that your bet wins, you win the whatever odds were on that bet et cetera. One advantage of fixed odds betting is that the betting amount is constant, and you can never lose more than the stake you placed. A typical case of fixed odds betting is the money line odds in which you place the bets on the game result, independent of the point spread.

Spread Betting, then again, includes betting on the change in score as opposed to the real score of the teams. In this kind of betting, the odds or predictions are more often in a range. For instance, a prediction of 4.5 – 5 for the number of goals in a match between two teams will imply that you can either place your bet on the higher score or on the lower score. On the off chance that you bet on the higher score, the team should score more than of 5 goals with the end goal for you to win. The higher the scores, the more you will win. A similar run applies for the lower score.

Differences between fixed odds betting and spread betting

·        Spread betting allows you to win more by using your sports knowledge.

·        In fixed odds betting, you generally know the amount you can lose or win in a bet, while in spread betting, the profits rely upon your predictions and knowledge.

·        The likelihood of winning a spread betting relies upon the amount you know about the game, though the likelihood of you winning a fixed odds betting relies upon how well your team plays.

·        Fixed odds betting is less profitable yet more popular than spread betting because the risk is less in it.

·        By betting less, you can win more in a spread betting, while the earning potential in a fixed odds betting is restricted.

·        Fixed odds betting is the easiest one to begin with as it doesn't require much learning of the sports yet in a spread betting, you should know everything about the sports and the teams you bet on.

·        Fixed odds betting is best for beginner bettors, while spread betting is generally done on an expert level.

Both fixed odds betting and spread betting are well-known in Malaysia Sportsbook, be that as it may, the bettors base is diverse for them. The risk is higher in spread wagering as is the reward. In any case, on the off chance that you are looking to simply begin in this market, we encourage you to pick the fixed odds betting. TONY88 here wish all the bettors luck in all their bets that are made on their platform and hope to see them harvest their profits home in a happy mood.