What is Double Up feature in Video Poker?
[ 06-03-2018 ]
What is Double Up feature in Video Poker?

Singapore Online Betting video poker double-up option is increasingly being provided in different casinos. There are lots of misinformation about this bet. So today, we are going to discuss about whether players should exercise this option. Double-up is a betting option that has no house edge. It means players win according to the cards being dealt and casino does not have any advantage. Further, it is applicable after a winning hand.  

When players decide to make double-up option, there are different methods to play such option. If players choose to double up, 5 cards will be dealt by one face up card and four face down card. Then, players have to pick a card which has higher value than the face up card. If they choose wrongly, they lose while they win if their choice is higher. They are able to multiple times up to the machine maximum double limit which varies from machine to machine.

Let’s look at the real case, Singapore Online Betting players can win a lot of money very quickly or lose very quickly without double-up option. Such option will redistribute the payouts from video poker. The lucky ones will end up with bigger bankroll and those unlucky just walk away by holding nothing. On the other hand, video poker players become unwise to max strategic decisions with ‘double-up’ feature. Some experienced players make arguments against this option as it significantly increase players’ risk. At the same time, it greatly increases the variance of video poker.

Ultimately, Singapore Online Betting players should remember that double-up feature dramatically raise the game’s variance and they can lose their money very quickly. Whether to apply such option is depends on players’ personal decision and they have a lot of things to consider.