Ways to Predict Roulette Number
[ 27-02-2018 ]
Ways to Predict Roulette Number

Singapore Online Betting players are trying different methods to beat against house in order to manage the game rather than with luck. Today, I am going to share about another few methods such as pocket computer and discovering biased wheels that have been used to gain advantage over the house.

Firstly, result from computer prediction is much accurate than watching dealer’s signature. However, players who are using a roulette computer at a casino will probably be arrested if the security staff finds them using such a device. It is the most possible way to predict the outcome but Singapore Online Betting players should be cautious whether to use it or not. It measures the speed of the ball in last few rotations to know its speed at the end of their track. Then, it will analyze the angle of the ball and last it can predict balls will most likely land on which number. Pocket computer is hard to give players exact location, so they should place bet on a certain zone to increase their odds of winning.

Next, since the physical outlook of a roulette wheel will not change from time to time. No matter how fast of the speed that dealer spins the wheel, the balls tend to slow down at the same speed rate. That is the reason why most prediction are made at the end of the ball rather than beginning of it. The descent of the ball tends to be regular with only subtle variations. Therefore, some Singapore Online Betting roulette players like to play a specific type of wheel which is known as that is not working perfectly. This kind of roulette wheel will generate some certain numbers more frequently and these numbers are considered as ‘biased’.