What is James Bond Roulette Strategy?
[ 23-02-2018 ]
What is James Bond Roulette Strategy?

James Bond who is one of the most recognizable movie character because he possess all unique talents. He applies different strategies when he was gambling in casino. His games of choice were Baccarat and Poker. In addition, James Bond Roulette strategy is not introduced in films but only in the books. However, the author of 007 novels proves that he is a very successful roulette player. Since publishing of the book, this system become very popular due to its simplicity and even until now there are a lot of casino players still follow his action.

The main objective of this strategy is to cover a large number of outcomes in the same way. Same way means the same amount every round. This is because it believes this method can guarantee a profit with each win. Furthermore, this strategy enable Malaysia Online Betting players to accumulate quick earnings. On the other hand, the basic of James Bond Roulette strategy is to place only 3 bets which are 19 to 36, line bet and zero. It is rather simple betting system. For example, player needs RM200 in order to apply this strategy. Among RM200 chips, RM140 on high numbers which range from 19 to 36, RM50 on six numbers which are 13 to 18 while RM10 on zero number as an insurance.

This strategy asks Malaysia Online Betting players to cover more than 50% of bets in roulette is pretty smart. However, it also suggests players should stop playing once they make earnings. Players should use this system when they have enough money in their bank so that they can withstand a possible long losing streak. If you are still doubting about the usefulness of James Bond Roulette strategy, why don’t you test it at Malaysia Online Betting to see how effective and profitable it can be.