Craps - Put Bet
[ 05-02-2018 ]
Craps - Put Bet

If you are Malaysia Online Betting blackjack lover and still looking for some articles to help you to win the game. Congratulation, you arrive the right place! Cause I am going to tell you the secrets behind put bet in craps which are very beneficial to blackjack players! Some of you may be surprised about why so few people know what a put bet is.

Most players know pass line bet is made before come-out roll but they seldom know about “put bet”. It is actually quite similar with pass line bet and it allows players to make the bet without going through the come-out roll after the point is established. For example, if player A has not made a pass line bet and the shooter rolls number five at this point, that player can place a bet with appropriate odds along with the bet. Malaysia Online Betting players just place their wager on any numbers that they want from 4 to 6 or 8 to 10. Hence, the major benefit of put bet is players are able to choose their own point number.

However, some players criticize it is a bad bet is because players will miss out the come-out point of seven and eleven. In other words, they have to give up all the advantage attached with come-out roll. For instance, the house edge is increase when Malaysia Online Betting players choose to make put bet. So, why still got people to place put bet? That is vary based on the situations. It is viable when casino offers different odds like 100x odds. Let’s say a RM8 pass line bet after the come-out roll and take RM800 in odds. Of course, it is too risky and requires a huge amount of bankroll. Unless you have hundred thousand in your bank account, the better to stay away from put bet.