Reasons behind NEVER Count Cards
[ 03-02-2018 ]
Reasons behind NEVER Count Cards

Card counting is one common strategy to beat against dealer in blackjack game as many articles introduce this method for Malaysia Online Casino players. The main reason why players should avoid counting card is it is illegal. Casinos have the right to disallow players to have advantage versus the house. Even players do not cheat in the game, casinos still can charge them when they are caught. In order to prohibit such action, every land-based casino will take precautions like well-trained staff in their place to spot casino players. Some players may want to preserve their ability to count the cards, they need to learn a lot of things to master the game.

Therefore, the problem comes to it is too hard for Malaysia Online Casino players to learn many things. Besides the basic rules under blackjack, they need to learn card counting system on how to track those cards. Although players become proficient at applying this strategy and they can really memorize all these things, they will get out from the table once casino starts to suspect them. Since they need to work so hard to win the game, the potential profit seems to be very high right? However, the potential win is subject to the number of decks being used in the casino. When a casino uses many decks of cards, players are difficult to keep tracking the cards. Hence, the win rate is not that high and players are less likely to win very much money.

In a nutshell, there are still many easier-to-learn and less obvious with more profitable methods to beat the house in the blackjack. I could not say card counting is bad, it is not so smart way as it requires Malaysia Online Casino players have skills to master it.