Will Manchester United overtake by Liverpool and Chelsea?
[ 24-01-2018 ]
Will Manchester United overtake by Liverpool and Chelsea?

After the break and resume of the Premier League Football Season, Liverpool manage to chase up Chelsea to the 3rd place of the list and caused Chelsea to be the 4th place. They are now having the same score which is 47 Points in total and will be continuing to fight with the Manchester United for the 2nd place. Yesterday, 15th January 2018, Liverpool won Manchester City by scoring 4 goals while Manchester City scored 3 goals in total. This allow Liverpool to chase up the points of Chelsea as Chelsea had a result of Draw of 0 – 0 when they are dealing against Leicester City on 13rd January 2018. You can go to the website of TONY88 to view for these matches information under the Sports Tab in Malaysia Sportsbook. There is the Live Score features where recorded the coming matches and the match details.

Let us see whether Manchester United will chase back the points after the match tomorrow or not. As Manchester United are against Stoke City will be the final match of this week. Manchester United’s position is in danger, he will need to score as many goals as possible in the match against Stoke City to make his position more stable as Liverpool and Chelsea might be overtaking them in anytime. Follow the news of Malaysia Sportsbook to know and understand more about matches details. There will be a 3 days break for the Premier League in this week and the matches will be resuming at the 20th January 2018.

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