Doubling in Blackjack
[ 22-12-2017 ]
Doubling in Blackjack

Previously, we have discussed about when to stand in blackjack and card counting strategy, doubling is another play that people should learn. Not only in a land-based casino, doubling is available at online casino, this idea is when casinos allow Malaysia Online Betting players to double the bet size after they have been dealt the initial cards. In return for this application, players have to deal with one more card. For example, if one player makes RM5 bet with 5% advantage, then the advantage in dollar amounts in RM0.25. If he chooses to double his bet, he could effectively double the total advantage in dollar amounts. However, when a player is in disadvantage, he does not call for it, it seems like set the money on fire.

When Malaysia Online Betting players are able to beat the dealer or they have more advantage, they should double the bet unless splitting is a better decision. Therefore, the question comes to how to know whether player or dealer has the advantage? It can be known by dealer’s face up cad as well as the cards that players hold. These two information can be the fundamental for players to decide whether double or not. Imagine that one player holds a hard total of 11, it is pretty advantageous right? Hence, players should always double.

Strategically speaking, Malaysia Online Betting players should only double their bet when the hand value is equal to 10 or 11. The chance of hitting another 10-value card is near to 30.7%, it is considered as very high hand. So when the total of initial cards exceed 11, they should never doubling. It is too easy to bust while dealing another card.

Just like other blackjack strategies, doubling is profitable if players clearly understand this term and use it correctly.