Craps Cheating
[ 04-12-2017 ]
Craps Cheating

Even though Singapore Online Casino craps is game of chance, players always look for ways to beat, bend or cheat the dice to win the game. In a land-based casino, there are a team of professional staff to watch around the table to avoid any suspicious behavior that might indicate players are cheating. Although the rules of casino has stated cheating is prohibited, some players ignore the risk to attempt to cheat at the game.

One of the most common way of cheating at craps is controlling the dice by how players throw the dice. In craps, the dice must be rolled with some degree of force. Players believe their series of grips such as different fingers placed on each dice, holding dice tightly together before rolling can influence the outcome of the game. Moreover, this method is said to be legal as players use the fair dice and utilize they skill to master the game.

Another possible way is Singapore Online Casino players use loaded dice which are formed with extra center weight that allow the dices to fall on certain numbers. This kind of dice favor some numbers over others. Cheater will wait for the chance to switch the casino dice with the cheat dice. However, it is not easy to be switched and casinos will replace the dice once they discover something add happens.

Some players use the cheat sheet in craps game. It is a piece of paper that states what each craps bet is along with payout odds, house edge, and probabilities. It is heard like not cheating right? It is illegal to hold a list in casinos.

In conclusion, players should focus on game itself by enjoying it but no manipulating the game. Singapore Online Casino players should use smart way to play by learning the basics rather than cheating.