Sic Bo High Risk Strategy
[ 27-11-2017 ]
Sic Bo High Risk Strategy

Sic bo is known as not so complicated game. Some Malaysia Online Betting individuals are willing to take more risk in sic bo game. They not only have the ability to afford, but also want to have excitement. However, high risk strategy is not suitable for those have lower budget and sic bo beginners.

We believe that many Malaysia Online Betting players often make use of high risk strategy in order to collect huge amount of winning. Further, it is personal preference on how much risk in sic bo. In the rules of sic bo, players are allowed to make more than 1 bet which mean they can make different bets at the same time. If this goes wrong, players will be out two or three bets rather than just single bet. Hence, it is considered as high risk strategy.

Basically, player have to decide that single dice will roll a specific number, for example 2. Player will bet on the double 2 as well as on the small bet. If player is right as the both dice roll double 2, he wins the two bets. However, if there are no two dice roll 2, he will lose the double bet. Double bet is said to pay out more than small bet but players still can bet the same amount on these two bets.

Let’s say Malaysia Online Betting player wagers RM10 each for the bets and he will get even money for the small bet. As a result, he will not lose or gain any money. In addition, with high risk strategy, players will place a cover bet. It means players will not lose money. The odds will be different for the bets that are placed. If players choose to risk more, they should be prepared as it may lose a lot of money.