Reason why I choose Malaysia 4D Lottery
[ 17-11-2017 ]
Reason why I choose Malaysia 4D Lottery

The lottery is very famous in Malaysia, many people from different ages are interested in placing a bet in the lottery. There are 2 types of lottery platform that you can place your bet on it. Firstly, is the traditional one which is the local lottery store. In an example, TOTO, MAGNUM, and Da Ma Cai. Then, the other one is the online-based lottery platform. For an example, Malaysia 4D Lottery by TONY88. Next, I will be telling my own experience and story about the past few days about the lottery.

I, myself will not always place a bet at lottery unless there is something special happening on that day. Yesterday midnight, I was on my way home from the airport. Then when I came out from the lift I saw a butterfly flying around at my unit level. It is such a rare thing that could see in a tall building like this. Also, Chinese people usually said, if there are special insects and animals came to your house that means something good is going to happen. I then follow the butterfly and it suddenly stops on my unit number plate. My first taught is to place a bet on lottery of my unit number. After that I went into my unit, I use my mobile devices and pay a visit to Malaysia 4D Lottery to place a bet on lottery.

The reason why I choose to place my bet on Malaysia 4D Lottery is because of convenience. I don’t want to step out of my door anymore because I just came back from the outside. So, I can just place my bets on the online platform by just simply clicking the screen of my mobile devices. Also, there is another reason which is the pay-out rates are usually higher than the local lottery store. Around 7.30pm, after I view the results of the lottery, I then saw the number I bought is on the prize lists.