Craps: Right Bettors VS Wrong Bettors
[ 13-11-2017 ]
Craps: Right Bettors VS Wrong Bettors

As a smart Malaysia Online Casino players, they always search articles for strategies to win in casino games. Further, they should need to understand the special term of right and wrong bettors in order to play smart in a particular game to avoid losing their bet. Craps is considered as one of the most popular casino dice game and it is luck based game. In addition, right bettors are not those bet correctly while wrong bettor is not the one who bets unethically. In fact, right and wrong bettors are used in a more technical form.

In crap, bets made on initial roll of dice are referred to pass line bets. One of the player will roll the dice, called ‘shooter’ and if the dice is a 7 or 11, the shooter wins while if the dice is 2, 3 or 12, shooter loses. When the dice is any other number, it comes to a point. Therefore, those players bet on shooter will roll a point are known as ‘right bettors’. In other words, those bet on shooter will roll a 7 are called ‘wrong bettors’. However, this situation is for land-based casino.

For an online casino like Malaysia Online Casino Tony 88, there is no shooter to roll the dice but concept is totally the same. In a more simple way, those players who bet on pass line bet are called ‘right bettor’ and those bet on don’t pass are known as ’wrong bettors’.

Therefore, there is no exact right or wrong bet that a player should make or not make. However, most Malaysia Online Casino players bet on the shooter to win. They always root for the point and they tend to be a team sport but wrong bettors are usually for loners.