Poker Cheating
[ 12-11-2017 ]
Poker Cheating

Any Singapore Online Betting games should always be played fairly so every player can get the most fun out of it. Players also need to know how to cheat at poker in order to effectively spot cheats at poker table. Below are some most common methods for cheating at poker especially in land-based casinos.

One of the techniques is to use the marked cards. Even though most Singapore Online Betting casinos will use a newly opened cards at the start of play but those cards can also be marked during the play. Some players may scrap the card to do the marking, so they can determine what kind of hand the opponents have by looking at those marked cards.

The second technique is dealer give himself an extra card. The advantage over him is very obvious and not hard to be discovered if there is no one paying too close attention. There are many false shuffling ways to cheat at poker game. For example, face down card can be kept on the bottom and then bottom dealt. Both parties can shuffle the bottom card to the top of the deck and kept there by second dealing.

Another common method is collusion. It represents two or more players to play in a manner to benefit one another and give them advantage over opponents. Collusion requires players to select one signal such as coughing or tapping the table to communicate between themselves.

All in all, the best way to guard against poker cheating is to pay attention. Observe the players and do not allow dealer to reshuffle after the cut. Even a casino operator, it is hard for him to eliminate cheating issues. However, poker cheating can be a difficult matter in an online casino. So why don’t you try to play at Singapore Online Betting to enjoy a different poker journey?