Deck Size in Blackjack
[ 09-11-2017 ]
Deck Size in Blackjack

When it comes to how many decks in blackjack game should be in Malaysia Online Betting, we cannot deny that the fewer the better as it is better for players’ odds. Even though the card proportions are equal, players will deal more blackjacks with fewer decks.

From an easy example, let’s calculate the probability of getting a blackjack from a single deck. For drawing a blackjack, players have to get an Ace and a ten-valued card. Therefore, the probability is 4 out of 52 cards multiply 16 out of 51 cards and result in 2.41%. In addition, the situation also can be draw a ten-valued card and Ace later on. So the probability is increased to 4.83%. While a casino uses two decks in blackjack game, the total is 104 cards, including 8 Aces and 32 ten-valued cards. Probability is 4.78%. Hence, we can conclude that more decks will slightly decrease the chance of getting blackjack.

In Malaysia Online Betting, more decks not only reduce the probability to draw blackjack, but also affect players successfully double down. If player gets his initial hand of 6 and 5, he is more likely to draw ten-valued card in order to form 21 total if that casino uses fewer decks. On the other hand, the probability that dealer busts is greater when there are fewer decks. Players have to note that dealer also benefits from fewer decks as well. Dealer can draw to 21 more often just like players.

Fewer deck is not beneficial in all situations. It brings Malaysia Online Betting players that fewer dealt hands of 20. In a single deck, the ten-valued cards are 16 out of 52 cards while there are 31 out of 104 cards in double deck. When player removes first ten-valued card, there are only 15 left out of 51 cards and 31 left out of 103. It leads to fewer pats of 20.