Roulette Bets
[ 29-10-2017 ]
Roulette Bets

In Malaysia Online Casino, many gambling enthusiastic players tend to lean towards online roulette because technologies allow them to enjoy wonderful graphic and different betting options. In roulette game, the wheel spins in one direction while the marble spins in opposite direction and lands on a number. The European wheel gets 37 pockets, so it has lower house edge and greater probability of winning compared to American wheel which has 38 pockets. When players decide which type of bet that they want to make, there are many options to choose from such as outside bet, inside bet, even money bet, dozen bet or column bet.

The most popular bets in playing Malaysia Online Casino roulette games are outside bet and inside bet. Outside bet consists of betting on the number 1 through 18 or 19 through 36. Players can bet on either red or black or either red or black and most casino players think outside bet can give better odds of winning even though the payout rate is relative low. Inside bets is opposite to outside bet. It has s mall percentage of winning but a high payout rate.

In even money bet can be made on either red or black, either odd or even as well as either high or low. Malaysia Online Casino players can bet on 18 numbers in the box outside of the grid. The major advantage of placing even money bet is players can easily to break even or make money because wins typically even out the more a player makes. The column bet gets 12 numbers in the column and players can bet on each different column out of the three columns of numbers containing black and red squares. The payout of winning a column bet is 2 to 1 and regardless of whether players are betting on American or European roulette, the columns are the same and not affected by the zeros.