Sic Bo and Its Bets
[ 27-10-2017 ]
Sic Bo and Its Bets

Sic Bo, also called Tai Sai (Lucky dice) or Dai Siu (Big Small), is an ancient Chinese casino game. It is very similar to roulette but people make Malaysia Online Betting at Tony 88 by using three dice. Like other casino games, it has different types of bets. The process of this game is not complex. Three dice will be thrown in a small cage by the dealer and players make bet on the results in various ways such as the total amount of the dice, big and small, any single number that may happen or any combination of numbers.

The easiest bet that players always do is the total of three dice. It is range from 4 to 17. Not only the exact amount of the total, players also can do Malaysia Online Betting either Small or Big. Small is referred to 4 to 10 while big is from 11 to 17. Players have to be careful when they bet on small and big as both will lose if any triple appears. Another bet is called single, it means a specific number will be shown on any of the three dice. The payout on a single bet is based on how many times it turns up on the three dice. If one dice shows that number, the payout is 1 to 1. When two dice show, the payout become 2 to 1.

On the other hand, combination is known as players bet on any two specific numbers that appear on three dice. The payout on a combination bet is 6 to 1 which means a player win 6 units for every 1 unit bet. As a result, he receive a total return of 7. It is another term called triplet in Malaysia Online Betting Sic Bo game. It is a bet on a specific triplet being rolled. However, the payout of this bet is 1 to 180 at most casinos.