Don’t Slow Playing?
[ 23-10-2017 ]
Don’t Slow Playing?

Slow playing is a Malaysia Online Casino poker strategy where players to lure opponents into a pot who may fold to a raise. However, some players believe that most weak poker players always slow play because they are ‘tricky’ to win so they act deceptive. Although poker requires players to have some strategies but I am going to share the factors why players should be discourage from slow playing.

As we know, slow play works best when the opponents are loose-aggressive one. When the situation comes to tight or passive opponents, slow playing is a bad idea because those opponents tend to fold a lot and play a few hands. Besides, these kind of players also do a lot of checking and calling before they bet. In Malaysia Online Casino, we believe that passive players are more likely to follow the trend and stick around to see the turns.

I do not suggest you to slow play when you are facing multiple opponents. When there are multiple players, there is greater possibility that they will give a piece of the flop and act the way a player wants because the large number of players will easily turn the situation or help someone to a better hand.

If Malaysia Online Casino players slow play in poker game, it may make a player to be very easy to pick off. A thoughtful player will quick spot that you are raising the bet and know you are holding a strong hand. Again, everyone love the feeling of setting trap for opponents. But one of the biggest mistake for beginner make is they will slow play for too many hands. Slow play is workable in certain situations but not all. Especially when players hold a strong hand, they should not slow play because it will reduce the ability to win a big pot.