22/10/2017 Arsenal VS Everton Premier League
[ 20-10-2017 ]
22/10/2017 Arsenal VS Everton Premier League

Premier League is happening hot at this moment. Soccer is always loved by people, no matter the person is betting on it or not, all of them will just purely love soccer very much. Tomorrow 22 October 2017, there will be a match happening with the team of Arsenal versus Everton. Arsenal is in the list of 6th whereas Everton is on the list of 16th. You could easily view this in the website of TONY88 which is the Singapore Sportbooks. There is a feature called Live Score where you could view the match history and scores easily. For sure, you can bet your matches in that platform as well.

Now, Singapore Sportbooks will be giving the match preview. Arsenal was always in the reverse of fourth place, Roberto Martinez said that their opponents are the strong title contenders. A win in the eight matches in any competitions has become a familiar problem for Arsène Wenger. But, they are lucky that they are not facing the strong players like Messi, Suárez or Neymar. The opponent they are facing, Everton, has only won 1 match in the past 17 league meetings between the sides and lost about 7 times at home in the Premier League this season. The venue of the match will be Goodison Park and is 20:30 of 22nd October 2017. The leading scorer for Everton is Lukaku player 18, and for Arsenal is Giroud player 12.

From my aspect, I will be betting for Arsenal, as the performance is way better than Everton, and I personally prefer the Team Arsenal since years ago. So, I will place my wages on the platform Singapore Sportbooks by using an easier and more convenient method. This platform is safe enough and your personal data will not leak out to anyone. Also, they own the best customer services which will assist you when you are facing any issues.