How to Play Keno in Malaysia Online Casino
[ 07-10-2017 ]
How to Play Keno in Malaysia Online Casino

Professionals stated that there is no system can forecast the results of keno games. We can say it is a game that is purely based on luck. Players just seem pick the luck number and hope for the best. People always say “if you want to gamble without risking, keno is the right game” because it is very easy with no strategies at all. The rules are pretty clear, like if your number is selected, you win.

The topic comes back to ‘how to play keno?’ First of all, Malaysia Online Casino keno players have to decide how many numbers want to play in each round, followed by how many bet want to place. Next, players also need to choose how many consecutive draw they want to play but not exceed 99 times. Therefore, cost of a keno game is the number of consecutive draw multiply amount to bet per draw. If a player bets RM10 on his selected numbers and wants to play 8 games, the total cost is RM80. Obviously, the more money a player spends, the higher chances of winning. 

House edge is different based on the players’ number of spots. It is important for Malaysia Online Casino players to know the best odds and decide how many spots should play. If the payout is fall under the range from 70% to 80% is considered not good. Players should look for a machines that as close to 100% as possible. If the game selected the number a player chose, it is known as “catch”. Player is paid according to his bets and how many numbers he catches.

As the characteristic of keno, if players want to play this game, he should always play at online casino with good pay table. Malaysia Online Casino Tony 88 always offer much better returns to keno players than any casino else can afford to!