When to Split in Playing Blackjack?
[ 03-10-2017 ]
When to Split in Playing Blackjack?

While playing blackjack in  Online Casino, split exists when the players’ first two cards are equal rank or same value. If a player decides to split the cards, he has to place another bet which is same bet amount as its original betting. Therefore, the first two cards are split into two hands and being played independently. In other words, splitting is a conversion from a weak hand into stronger ones.

Professionals suggest that there are three situations that players should or should not split the cards. We are going to discuss it one by one. Firstly, Online Casino players should always split 8s and Aces. Imagine that a player holds two 8s in first two cards and his hand total is only 16. It is not that high for player to stand, hit or draw. If the player draws a ten value card in both hands, he results in getting 8 which is considered as a better position than 6. 

Secondly, never split 4s, 5s or other pairs. Another example when a player gets 5 in his first two cards. He has a value of 10, known as zero point. If he splits, he may easily get 10 value cards and result in 15 while he choose not to split by drawing another 10 value cards and has a value close to 20. No matter split or not, both hands are weak hands. Therefore, players should not split the cards in such situation.

Last is never split is the dealer’s face up card is 8 or higher. If he draws another card and has a hand value of 18, it is pretty strong hand right? Hence, Online Casino players should not split the cards and play two hands because of its high possibility to lose.