Insurance Bet Is Scam?
[ 30-09-2017 ]
Insurance Bet Is Scam?

In Malaysia Online Casino blackjack game, insurance wager is one of the side bets by paying player 2:1 whenever dealer’s face-up card is an Ace. Players can choose to use or ignore the bet. The insurance is in case the dealer gets a blackjack, they can get half of original bet back and lose another half. If the dealer turns out another piece of card and result is a blackjack. Therefore, player win on his insurance bet but loses the original bet. Overall, the bet becomes “push”. Push means that player ties the hand and receive nothing for the betting amount. If the second card is not 10-value card, dealer collects player’s losing bet and continue the game.

Most Malaysia Online Casino players has mistaken the concept of insurance bet as they believe it is a protection of their hand if the dealer has blackjack. However, the reality tells us it is not a protection for players as this side bet can be counted by tracking the number of ten-valued cards. Let’s see the odds when dealer gets an Ace and the probability of getting a blackjack is 9:4. If player make RM5 insurance bet 130 times, he will win bet 40 times for RM400 in total winnings (RM10 earnings % 40 bets). While player loses 90 bets for RM450 in total loses.

Insurance bet works if the 10-value cards consist 1/3 of the deck and players can win their money back if they won every one of three wager. After each insurance bet, players tend to lose a small percentage of money and it is hard to have advantage over the dealer.

In a nutshell, what player wins with the insurance bet is the initial bet back and risk half of the original bet. Insurance does not keep players away from disasters, insurance is a disaster. What Malaysia Online Casino players should remember is that an available option does not mean it is a good option.