Role of Money Line in Sports Betting
[ 25-09-2017 ]
Role of Money Line in Sports Betting

For a beginner bettor in Sportbooks, money line may be a confusing issue to understand. Players are likely to bet on money line where the result is fully determined by the outcome of the game. Baseball and hockey are the two sports that use money line as the primary betting option because both of them are lower-scoring games with single digit in the results. Score of football and basketball are two digits or much higher, so it use point spreads for these sports. Hence, lower scores will use money line as betting option.

When choosing money line to bet, players just need to ensure the team they bet win outright and ignore point spread into their consideration. There are two special terms in money line betting option, which are favorite and underdogs. At first glance, players tend to bet on their favorite team right? However, favorite is known as a negative symbol and how much bet should be place to win. The bigger the favorite, the lesser of the payout. While underdog indicates the positive symbol and the odds how much money players will win on their wager.

For example, there are two teams called Brown and Patriots and the odds of these two teams are +160 and -230. If player place bet on Patriots, he has to risk $230 to win $100. On the other hand, if he bets on Browns, he stands to win $160 for every $100 he bets. Hence, the bigger the underdog, the large of the payout.

Now, you have better understanding of how money line works in sport betting. Visit Sportbooks for the latest result of these sports. You also can know learn other available betting option by checking Sportbooks Tony 88.