The features and characteristic of Captain Treasures
[ 20-08-2017 ]
The features and characteristic of Captain Treasures

There is a slot game called Captain Treasures and can be found in online slots that is prepared by TONY88. Most of the people should know pirates, because even a child nowadays knows what the pirate is. You can simply see pirate movies from storybooks, TV channel, comics and so on. By giving a very good example, The Pirate of the Caribbean is a very nice and interesting movie that known by most of the people around the world. For now, it has been drawn into cartoon and make it into the animation for kids. The key points for the storyline of pirate is the captains, treasures, pirates and so on. So, based onto these key points, the Captain Treasures has been designed and created as a Slot Games for people to enjoy.
So, what is the famous Captain Treasures in online slots? By just talking about the pirate treasure themed slot game, this will be the main reason to attract the heart of the players that played this game and addicted to it. The Captain Treasures has over 5 reels in the screen and has a total of 9 winning pay-out lines. Other than these features that I mentioned, Captain Treasures hold a jackpot that up to 25,000 USD for the people to win it away with their maximum bet. The game is also designed for the players to have the winning feel as the audio systems is setting based on the pirate theme. Also, it has the best resolution for the video to let the players get the great feelings while they are enjoying their games.
These are all the features and characteristic that you should know of Captain Treasures. Come and join online slots and start your pirate journey as soon as possible, OHAY!