Basic Knowledge about the Poker
[ 20-08-2017 ]
Basic Knowledge about the Poker

Welcome to online betting that are designed by TONY88 which is in the top ranking around the world. In this post, I will be talking about the game called Poker which is very famous in casino.
Now, as a representative of online betting, I will be introducing you some basic knowledges that you need to know before you start to play with it. First, you will need to know the card values, it is easily to be known by simply seeing it, even it is not a problem for the beginner. The 1 will be ‘Ace’, and 2 to 10 will remains the same as the numbers, while there are 3 face cards which is 11 to 13 and it is called as ‘Jack’, ‘Queen’ and ‘King’. Then, there will be 4 wild cards which usually people call it as ‘Jokers’ in a deck. Next, I will introduce the combination of winning hands. The combination I will be listed next is from smallest to the highest.
No Pair, the common hand that players usually took, the players with the highest rank will win the round. Note, the Ace will be higher than King every situation.
One Pair, only have a pair of same card numbers in a hand. 
Two Pairs, the same as one pair but it contains of the other pair of same card numbers in the hand. 
Three of a kind, the hand contains of three same card numbers.
Straight, the hand will be 5 cards in a sequence but it doesn’t need to be in the same suit.
Flush, 5 cards in the hand have the same suits.
Full House, the combination of Three of a kind and One Pair.
Four of a kind, this will be the 4 card which is the same in the hand.
Straight Flush, the combination of straight and flush.
Royal Flush, the highest combination, it is a straight flush but the card numbers will be 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace.
These are the possible winning combination of Poker and it will bring you to have more knowledge about Poker. Come and join online betting and start your Poker life.