Sport Betting Beliefs
[ 27-01-2018 ]
Sport Betting Beliefs

There are plenty of beliefs about sport betting among the bettors in Singapore Sport Betting, but not all of them are true. People may believe something, no matter it is wrong or right, just because of they repeated quite often. For example, people always said, playing card games can simply make profits, but it is not true when any bettor is without the knowledge about it, yet people still believe it because there are too many of people saying about it. Let’s see the common and popular beliefs that will always see in the website of TONY88. Thus, Singapore Sport Betting will be going to state that whether it is true or false for the people who are confused with it.

1. The Bookmakers win always: TRUE

This is true because of the bookmakers are set to be winning after the long haul. Take note that this is not stated to deal with only one bettor. It is to the bettors in the entire platform that will lose to the bookmakers after the long run. There are people who really make analysis and prediction before they place the bets. But, there are still many people who just blindly bet on the teams they like. At this point, bookmakers will make profits from the bettors that bet in this way.

2. Poor Bookmaker are not existing: FALSE

In the past, this statement will be true. Recently, even the bookmakers won the money from their customers, they also need to cover the other costs like the operational costs which are struggling them. Also, the reason of competitive, this market is very competitive, as the costs are high, and margins are low, add on to the bettors are owning more knowledge about betting that cause the drop of their income.

3. Sport Betting is all by Luck: FALSE

In this scientific era, this statement can be said as ridiculous, there are nobody can place their bets all the way depending on luck. Even they do so, they might lose all their money after a period.

4. Odds will reflect the value: TRUE

Some of the odds are showing the values obviously to the bettors normally. Some of them are more obvious than the normal one. For example, like there are one set of odds with Team A 1/25 and Team B 100/1. Although Team B stands a chance to win $100 for every $1 wager, but this doesn’t mean that it is a smart value bet. While Team A having an excellent value as you will need $25 to win a $1, this bet will make you very confident to win. Take note that, the value reflected will need to combine and compare to the other factors.

5. Value is everything: FALSE

Although the odds are showing the team has value to it, but there are still have chance to lose the match. From my own experience, based on the score prediction, Team A are having a 97% and Team B are having only 3% of winning percentage. In the end, Team B won within the 3% winning percentage. This state that, the result couldn’t just simply compare with the prediction and must be other factors.

These are the common beliefs that can hear around the bettors. Singapore Sport Betting explained and clarified that, some of it are true while some of it are false. Hope that this explanation could help to solve the mindset problem that are facing by the bettors.