Chinese Gambling Superstitions
[ 04-11-2017 ]
Chinese Gambling Superstitions

It is important for Singapore Online Casino to understand the Chinese gamblers because they are the biggest gamblers in Asian. The strong beliefs or superstitions Chinese usually have allow them a sense of control over the gambling results and they think they are able to control their destiny. Here are few Chinese gambling superstitions we find fascinating.

The most common Chinese superstitions is connected to lucky and unlucky numbers and the effect they have on gambling. In the culture of Chinese, people believe number 8 is very lucky thing because it is sound like “prosperity”. Therefore, in most situations, Singapore Online Casino players tend to choose those bets that are included 8. On the other hand, players tend to avoid number 4 as it sounds similar to “death”. Typically players choose to avoid staying at hotel room that is 4 series as it is considered very unlucky.

Sometimes, when we visit a land-based casino, we may see those players call out some words before opening their hands. This is because they believe doing such actions will lead them to get a good card and then win that hand. Further, Chinese players like to wear red to the casino as it represents good fortune and brings good luck to them. Before going to casino, players will pray at the temple or offer something to the gods.

Moreover, Singapore Online Casino Chinese do not like the words that sound like unlucky meaning. For example, “book” in Chinese is like “lose”, so most players consider it is very unlucky. Some players do not like others to touch on their shoulders when they are gambling. It is not only considered as bad luck in gambling, but also a very impolite gesture to make on others. When players win or lose in their winning, they should never count their chips during gambling session.