How to Play Craps
[ 22-10-2017 ]
How to Play Craps

Playing crap is a very fun game, but playing craps in Malaysia Online Casino is even better. When we step in landed casino, we can see many people surrounding the craps table with cheering and screaming. Like most fast paced Malaysia Online Casino games, it takes players to learn the basics of craps in order to get them hooked.

The bet for crap game is very simple, players just place bet before a shooter makes his roll. As we can see on a crap table, there is an area that encircles the majority of the table which is marked as ‘pass line’. There is another area on the table called don’t pass’, it is designed for those players bet against the shooter. Many players may think the best crap strategy is to place free odds on the pass line and come line. However, in fact the house has no real advantage because the house advantage for pass line is 1.41%. In other words, bet on the pass line will lower a player’s profit from total wager to 0.8%. What if a player makes double odds bet the same size as his first bet, the house advantage will be reduced to 0.6%. Hence, I suggest the crap players to raise odds bet in order to lower house advantage.

Most players think crap strategies are all about how to place bet. However, crap strategies can be more in-depth than that.  Players should always know their betting limit. It is normal for players to play online craps with the intention to win a bucket of money. Therefore, one of the main online crap strategy is to manage players’ bankroll effectively.

Further, Malaysia Online Casino crap game is depends on pure luck. Players are advised to divide the bankroll into different categories on how they bet in order to lengthen playing period and provide more chances of winning.